Work Assessments – FCE

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A work assessment (or ‘FCE’ – functional capacity evaluation) is conducted on employees to determine their work abilities and compare it to the required demands of a specific job.

This is conducted when an employee undergoes a medical condition, is injured or develops some form of disability. Employees are then referred for a functional capacity evaluation by their employers or their insurance companies.

At our Occupational Therapy practice, we carry out comprehensive and detailed assessments to determine the functional limitations of the employee.

We then provide suggestions and recommendations with regards to the employees return to work capacity, work rehabilitation potential, reasonable work place accommodations (including realignment into an alternative job/position, ergonomic adjustments, and modifications for accessibility) or training/re-training of the employee.

A work site visit is carried out if the referring company requests, or if it is necessary, as this allows the assessor to conduct detailed on-the-job evaluations.

Employers, companies and insurers in this way can protect their employees, reduce risks of further injuries and save on unnecessary costs.