Case Management Services

Case management is provided to legal professionals/trustees, for patient’s that require long-term care and coordination of healthcare and rehabilitation services. As a case manager, we try to ensure the best quality of life for the patient by managing their allocated funds in the most effective manner.

As such, we act as intermediaries between the legal professionals/trustees and the patient, in order to make suitable medical and therapeutic recommendations for the patient and in order for the allocated funds to be managed appropriately (i.e. we ensure that the money is spent for what is intended for in favour of the patient’s wellbeing) during and after the medico-legal process.

We make every effort to ensure that each case is handled in a personalised manner, offering our professional medical and rehabilitative advice to both the legal professionals/trustees as well as the patient, and ultimately ensuring that the patient’s needs are met.


The Patient’s needs can comprise of, inter alia:
  • Receiving the correct medical care and medications.
  • Receiving appropriate therapy.
  • Receiving appropriate general assistance or caregiving if/when required.
  • Purchasing of necessary medical equipment or assistive devices if/when necessary.
  • Assistance with any administrative requirements the patient may need (e.g. admission to hospitals, filling out forms, policy applications, putting together monthly expense lists, liaising with financial brokers and attorneys the patient’s behalf).
  • Locating suitable housing, or making renovations to their existing home (to ensure suitability to the patient’s disability needs).
  • Arranging and finding transport solutions if/when necessary.
  • Liaising with the patient’s employer to implement reasonable accommodations in order to make the work environment suitable and appropriate for the patient, or assisting the patient with applications for a job suited to his disability.


The needs of the legal professionals/trustees from the case manager can comprise of, inter alia:
  • Acting as intermediaries between the legal professional/trustees and the patient, making the allocation and management of their funds easier.
  • Acting as mediators between the legal professional/trustees, the patient and their family relating to some of their demands and / or needs.
  • Providing recommendations and outlining costs for the medical and rehabilitative care of the patient.
  • Outlining and prioritising the patient’s immediate, short-term and long-term needs.
  • Providing motivations and justifying the costs of the patient’s needs and medical/rehabilitative care.
  • Ensuring the funds are utilised appropriately.